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On the Rainy River Argumentative Essay

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How do ethics influence the human experience?


After reading “On the Rainy River” by Tim O’Brien write an essay that discusses O’Brien’s internal conflictand evaluates his decision to go to war (or evaluates his assertion that he is coward for going to war). Be sure to support your position with evidence from the text.




English 10

Anderson, Michael

Angeletti, Emily

Brusio, Blake

Cleary, Jasmine

Deer, Lyrell

Freind. Mason

Gallaher, Marisa

Gilley, Brittney

Graham. Savannah

Hughes, Shelby

Keene, Connor

Luckey, Joshua

Moore, Quadare

Parker, Garrett

Santa-Cruze, Didier

Sharp, Amber

Valentin, Amber  


This rubric will be placed on your page to present your grade.

Elements of the Essay Points Possible Notes regarding your performance


-Addresses all aspects of the prompt

-Examines O'Brien's internal conflict and evaluates his decision to go to war or his assertion that he is a coward


Controlling idea

-Thesis is clear in the introduction

-Thesis makes an evaluative statement regarding his decision or his assertion

-Develops claims and counter claims fairly



-Accurately presents details from the text

-Appropriately includes quotes from the text

-Quotes Integrated into sentences

-Information Cited Appropriately



-Adds depth to initial ideas

-Goes beyond just the information from the text and informational sources

-Evaluates his decision or assertion based on information about the Vietnam war


Presents the organizational structure

-Introduction with thesis

-Body Paragraphs (2-3 as deemed appropriate)




-No grammar errors are apparent

-Formal Language is used (No contractions, No 1st or 2nd person pronouns)



-Integrates information from our unit Ethics

-Focuses on the personal and situational ethics and making judgments

Total /28  



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