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10th grade Honors

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Course Overview

English 10 is about exploring the interactions and ideas of culture in a variety of forms. Students will be encouraged to understand their own connections to culture. This course focuses on the crosscutting concepts of:

Culture, Ethics,Movement,andCycles


Culture Unit: is about discovering the traditions and ways of life within societies.

     Culture Popplet Click Here

     Non-Fiction: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie



Ethics Unit: is about deciphering morals and principles.

     Fiction:      The Count of Monte Cristo  by Alexandre Dumas

          Process Writing LCD Task: On the Rainy River Argumentative Essay
          Timed Writing Assessment: Ethics Timed Writing



Movement Unit: is about understanding that the progression of time creates change.

     Fiction:     The Road by Cormac McCarthy         

          Book Closure - Online Discussion

          Process Writing LCD Task: The Road Argumentative Essay
          Timed Writing Assessment: Movement Timed Writing


Cycles Unit: is about understanding the continuous nature of experience

     Fiction:      Night by Elie Wiesel

          Night Webquest: Click Here

          Writing Activity:  Night Essay

          Process Writing LCD Task: Night Inspired Narrative


Poetry Examination: is about examining a glimpse of the influence of poetry on society.

     Project: Get to know a Poet



Sentence Fundamentals Review Game


Compound Sentences Review Game


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